AEM Terms & Conditions


Quotes are valid for 60 days unless otherwise stated in writing. Payment of invoices is expected within 30 days of invoice date unless otherwise agreed to in writing.


There is one year standard warranty on all parts and labour that we supply unless otherwise stated in writing.

Working with live power

At Advanced Energy Management Ltd (AEM)., it is our policy that our employees must de-energize and lock-out electrical equipment prior to performing any work on said electrical equipment. In existing buildings, if the electrical panels are not properly tagged, then the building owner will be required to do one of the following:

  • provide proper tagging of electrical equipment;
  • provide the services of a staff member knowledgeable in the electrical circuits;
  • hire AEM to trace the electrical circuits prior to any work taking place.

Preventive Maintenance Service

Emergency services are not included in our proposals unless stated otherwise.  Emergency calls will be billed at a preferred rate.  Please contact our sales department for the current rates.

Any parts not covered by the service agreement which are found to be faulty and/or require replacement shall be noted and submitted to the client for approval of replacement.  The cost of replacement materials and labour are outside the scope of this agreement but will be invoiced and billed to the client at the prevailing prices.  All replacement materials shall meet or exceed the specifications of the existing materials.

Hazard Assessments

Preventive maintenance, service, and repair work are all subject to a safety hazard assessment by an AEM technician.  If our employee assesses it is not safe to work on certain equipment, they will stop work and report the hazard to our safety officer. It is the responsibility of the building owner’s representative to undertake corrective action to remove or control the hazard.